i'm the lesbian your mother warned you about (jayli) wrote in my_gay_day,
i'm the lesbian your mother warned you about

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Hootie whoooooooo

Alright...I suck, what can I say? 

Intro - Jayli is the name *bow* .  I hail from the lovely homofriendly state of MA.  I'm 28, I'm a nut...but in that non-straight jacket kinda way:) And here was my gay dayS in p-town! Oh and a few shots of Nahant sunsets:)



And now some Provincetown - the deck of our hotel

complete with our own lil...I dunno what the hell this is...

Hanging on the deck enjoying the sun


Friday night on our way to Vixen's...we tried to go to Chasers, but they had a band playing...and we didn't wanna go see a band

And here we are ... home from the bar...



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