In0ceNtDr3aMeR (in0centdr3amer) wrote in my_gay_day,

I am a computer technician.... working on my BA in networking... and i do computer work on the side. This lady whos computer i fixed after upon returning her computer to her.. she left it in the hot sun on the backseat of her car from 8:30-5:30... Thus frying her computer.. She called and ruined my weekend last weekend.. so this is me before working on her POS computer that was upgraded from 95-98

I started working on it at 6pm friday ... this is me at 12:30pm saturday no break... just bathroom breaks.... I was cracked out from trying to manually write the registry that just wouldn't take.

I was falling asleep near the reach of 12:30

So today my friend comes and picks me up to run errands and hang out
I was bored sitting in the car waiting for her waiting for her car part... she needed a new headgasket

I missed my punkster dearly.... I wanted to be at home cudding before she went to work

10 minutes later... she was still waiting for her carpart .. and i was still missing my sleeping punkster

This daquari hut is painted in Mardi Gras colors... I think louisiana has the only Drive Thru daquari huts?

So on the way to her house there was this big gorilla

Kerri wanted to take a picture with it... as did i

she got stuck by a forklift

On the way to throw her garbage out... the local Community college relocated to a new location.. so they had 2 15 inch dell monitors, a xerox channel binding machine number 20, about 30 unused still unopened ink cartridges, 3 texas instruments desktop business calculators, a laminated map, defensive driving course guide, buliten board, digital fax machine, i/o data switch, lots of computer cables and telephone wires, cartridge toner unopened.

We needed a break from making trips back and forth grabbing the things... so kerri stopped to take a picture

as did I

after bringing the things to her house we went back to my place..... we walked to the store because my punkster went to work

when someone replys... "when pigs fly...." show them this...

we took a break from walking to pause by the tracks

I had to....

going back to my place

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