Vino Mazzei (vinomazzei) wrote in my_gay_day,
Vino Mazzei

Spring Cleaning and Rearranging

Hello. My homosexual lover Billy and I live in an old neighborhood in Louisville, KY. Here's our house.

Billy pulled up the carpet in the front room (living room? parlour?), revealing the original hardwood floors. The color was left uneven due to the fact that they probably left the middle part unstained (probably for a stapled down rug) and painted or stained the outer edges. I like the lack of uniformity meself.

Additional views.

Walking into the middle room (family room?).

Shot gun view from the kitchen. You're not missing much in the middle room. Just a huge closet that we're going to remove, adding about 40sq feet (12.19 sq metres), the tay vay set, second hand couch, etc.

Zee kitchen.

Quicky shot of the bathroom. Also not much to see here.

Place where we go "bow chinka bow bow".

There is a ton of work to do on the outside, and still plenty to accomplish inside.
That is all.
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